Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology (AK) “is an augment to the standard diagnosis to be used by practitioners license to be primary health care providers. It is a system of evaluating how the body reacts to various forms of stimuli applied to the nervous system.” (2)


It is an evaluation of functional neurology and utilizes basic understanding of anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology of the human body for the diagnosis of abnormal function in the musculoskeletal system and the body entire. It is a highly researched form of assessment (1,2) and greatly aids the physicians here at Falls Chiropractic and Injury in understanding the cause of the patient’s musculoskeletal pain. It considers the three pillars of health including mental, chemical, and physical aspects.


Apply Kinesiology (AK) utilizes muscle testing and its critical foundational role in the physiology of the human frame and function to assess deficiencies in the patient’s structure and internal chemistry. We use this assessment tool not to treat internal diseases, but to identify poor function of external and internal physiological systems to apply a more effective therapies for faster and longer-lasting outcomes.

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