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Chiropractic and Wellness Services

  • Corrective exercises
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Spinal and postural screening
  • Physiotherapy

Back & Neck Pain Related questions

Chiropractic is a system of manipulative treatment of misalignments of the joints, especially those of the spinal column. It is based on the scientific fact that our bodies are self-regulating and self-healing organisms.

The self-healing functions are all controlled by the nervous system. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves of the body. Your skull protects your brain’s delicate tissue while the spine protects nerve roots and the vulnerable communication pathways of the spinal cord.

If the nervous system is impaired, it can cause malfunctions throughout the body. This is called Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Vertebral means the bones of the spine, Subluxation means less than a total dislocation, and complex means consisting of more than one.

Chiropractic is the science of locating injured spinal structures; the art of reducing their impact on the nervous system; the philosophy of all things natural.

A chiropractic adjustment uses specific force in a precise direction that is applied to a fixated joint. A fixated joint means it is locked up and not moving properly.

An adjustment restores motion to the affected joints helping the bones slowly return to a more normal position. Chiropractic adjustments are safe and the procedure improves spinal function, nervous system function, and overall health.

There are many ways to adjust the spine.

Typically the doctor’s hands, or a specially designed instrument, will deliver a brief and highly-accurate thrust to the affected area. Some methods are quick where others require slow and constant pressure.

After years of training and clinical experience, each chiropractic doctor becomes highly skilled in delivering a variety of adjusting techniques. Our goal is to correct structural alignments that will improve the body’s physical function.

Chiropractic works by jump starting your body’s ability to heal itself.

When your nervous system is operating correctly, all the cells, tissues, and organs are working to resist disease and ill health. A chiropractor can have a positive effect on many common health conditions that is not normally thought of as back problems. The chiropractic better health approach is to locate and remove the interferences that inhibit your natural state of good health.

A common interference to the nervous system is the dysfunction of the bones in the spinal column. A loss of motion or position of these bones can irritate and impair various functions of the nervous system disrupting the transmission of controlling nerve impulses.

Our primary focus is improving your nervous system function.

With improved spinal function comes improved nervous system function. Your chiropractor can help eliminate these interferences that impair normal health.

In the words of the US government: chiropractic care is “remarkably safe.”

Chiropractic care is a natural approach to better health that is proven safe and effective.

Chiropractic care has an excellent safety record and is the result of a conservative approach to health. This type of care avoids invasive procedures and addictive drugs.

A thorough spinal examination help reveal areas that may be causing malfunctions to your nervous system. This helps to determine the best course of care for each patient.

Chiropractors restore proper spinal mechanics that improve nervous system functions.

First, a review of your health background, such as surgeries, accidents, the onset of your condition, and other details affecting your current health help us diagnose your symptoms.

Next, a thorough orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic examination is performed. X-rays may be taken to uncover structural and functional problems associated with your spine.

Our findings are discussed and we might develop a wellness plan of adjustments depending on your situation. Progress is then monitored with periodic examinations and follow-ups.

Chiropractors today, are well educated and trained.

The science behind chiropractic care requires a special emphasis on anatomy, physiology, and pathology combined with studies in neurology, biomechanics, X-ray, spinal adjusting techniques, and related subjects.

Chiropractors must complete a demanding curriculum. This prepares chiropractic doctors to locate subluxations and correct the dysfunctions in the nervous system.

To graduate with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, each candidate must pass a demanding National Board Examination.
Then the doctor applies to a governmental or professional licensing board and must pass a more difficult test before being granted the privilege to practice in that state.

A chiropractor’s education never ends as one must complete post-graduate instructions for license renewal. This allows chiropractic doctors to stay current on the latest scientific research. However, just as with any health care field, choose your chiropractor carefully.

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If you have neglected spinal troubles from early childhood, you may require continuing chiropractic care for optimum spinal function.

Long-term spinal problems are often associated with muscle weakness, soft tissue damage, and degenerative changes to the spine itself. Regular chiropractic adjustments keep your spine in tip-top shape.

Patients that are active or have stressful jobs want to be at their very best and find that schedules of preventive visits are vital in maintaining good health. Unfortunately, most patients only seek chiropractic care only when their aches and pains become unbearable.

While understandable, this type of “crisis management” is usually more costly and time-consuming compared to preventive care. How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you but please consult Dr. Rick before taking drastic measures.

The short answer is simply “no”.

The simplicity and effectiveness of chiropractic care become more and more obvious as we get older and each day, more and more people are consulting chiropractic doctors.

With growing concerns about over medicating, medication abuse, and side effects of combining various prescription drugs … safe, natural chiropractic care is growing in popularity each year.

Restoring better spinal function has been proven to improve mobility, vitality, endurance, patient appetite, and overall quality of life. Many of our patients report that regular adjustments have improved their arthritic symptoms and other chronic ailments associated with aging. Since everyone is different, our adjusting techniques are modified for maximum comfort and results.

Current research has proven again and again that chiropractic is an extremely effective medical profession. It has been shown to be more effective than medication and physical therapy in treating neck and low back pain. It is one of the most effective and safest medical treatments.

Whether or not a chiropractor can help you need to be decided by a licensed Chiropractic physician after they have thoroughly evaluated you. A chiropractor will evaluate you with a thorough orthopedic and neurological exam as well as x-rays if necessary to arrive at a proper diagnosis to manage your condition.

The frequency and duration of Chiropractic treatment need to be decided by a licensed Chiropractic Physician. Most of the time depending on the patient’s history and condition Chiropractic evaluation is recommended lifelong.

Just like you would have your dentist, primary care doctor, or car mechanic provide maintenance checkups, you should see a licensed chiropractor for a spinal checkup regularly.

One particular aspect of a patient’s history that requires them to need more frequent Chiropractic treatment than others is how much physical trauma they have had in their life. If they have had more trauma then they have ligament instability which requires regular spinal corrections.

A chiropractic physician treats low back pain as he or she would treat any area of the spine – with properly applied Chiropractic adjustments.

A chiropractic physician usually places their hands on the patient’s spine and performs a correction to improve the function and movement of the spine. This can also be done with an instrument, depending on the patient’s condition and preference.

Side effects after a chiropractic adjustment most of the time include soreness. In rare cases, there can be fractures, dislocation, headaches, herniated discs, myelopathy. Chiropractic is one of the safest medical professions. Chiropractic has one of the lowest malpractice annual premiums averaging around $2,500 per year.

Signs of stroke after a chiropractic adjustment: according to the University of Pennsylvania neurosurgical group, there is no correlation of Chiropractic adjustments and stroke in healthy individuals.

Chiropractors are not medical doctors. Chiropractors are considered doctors of chiropractic. In the state of North Carolina chiropractors are considered primary care physicians and are able to order advanced imaging and order blood laboratory studies. They are considered specialists in the field of spine medicine and evaluation.

The best specialist for back pain is a Chiropractic physician. This is not because a chiropractic adjustment can cure every spinal ailment. Chiropractors are trained as primary Spine Care providers and have the training to completely assess what is wrong with the patient and place them on the path toward feeling better and being healthier.

For example, if a patient fell off of a ladder and has back pain, a chiropractor can do a full orthopedic and neurological examination, order X-rays and advanced imaging, as well as blood work just like an orthopedic surgeon, can to as fully assess the patient, work them up and see what is needed. If the patient has a fracture, they can make the referral to an orthopedic surgeon. If the patient has a small herniated disc and requires pain management therapy, they can co-man is the patient with a certified pain management anesthesiologist. If the patient just has a simple spring injury they can co-manage care with a physical therapist.

Chiropractic has been shown to be one of the most safest and effective medical professions regarding back and neck pain. But it also has found a much needed place in primary spine care.

The fastest way to relieve back pain is to be evaluated by a primary Spine Care provider – a trained Chiropractic physician. It is important to know exactly what is going on before applying a therapy. For example, a pulled muscle is treated differently than a sprain injury. To get better faster is to understand what is going on.

This is dependent on what the patient needs and what is their condition. In general a patient has a co-payment associated with their insurance carrier. Chiropractic is covered by most insurance carriers and the patient will most likely need to pay their copay at the time of service.

Some patients require longer treatment plans than others and may be required to pay multiple copays over a period of a couple of months. Again this is dependent on the patient’s condition and how they present.