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Our Raleigh Chiropractic Center

Are you tired of dealing with pain, stress, headaches and other nagging spine-related injuries? We can relate. It's why we exist. Your overall wellness is very much tied to your outlook and attitude. Live better. Live well.

Raleigh chiropractor, Dr. Rick, is surrounded by a team of dedicated individuals and partners. Our North Raleigh chiropractic facility is outfitted with the best technology, and staff are consistently refining their skills. Simply put. We don't rest until you do.

Our main focus is patient-centered care. You're not a number. You're our top priority. We're detail-oriented which allows us to treat complicated cases and find the underlying problem.

We use static palpation, motion-palpation, instrumentation, leg check analysis, postural assessments, digital x-ray analysis, and functional movement assessments.  These tools, methods and our focus on you; make Falls Chiropractic and Injury one of Raleigh's leading chiropractic care centers.

Looking for a chiropractor in Raleigh, NC?

Falls Chiropractic and Injury is much more than a traditional chiropractor's office. We offer a wide range of services with our main goal being a healthy you. Welcome to modern, you-focused chiropractic care and wellness.

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