Phase 2: Corrective Care

An Uplifting Chiropractor Can Heals Your Pain

Eliminating a person’s pain symptoms is by far the easiest job of a chiropractor.

Regretfully, when we reduce your pain we cannot just stop treatment. The condition is still present and the chances of a recurring injury are greatly increased.

The correction and restorative phase of your plan typically consists of 4 – 8 treatments per month with a chiropractor. Based on your particular needs, you may also begin doing exercises and stretches either at our chiropractic center or at home to help accelerate the healing process.

  • Phase 2 patients do not receive adjustments as often as patients do in phase 1 but this is solely dependent on the severity of your situation.

Continuing your chiropractic care through phase 2 seriously reduces rapid recurrence of pain symptoms and chance of re-injury.

It should be noted that patients, on occasion, do experience mild flare-ups during this phase.  Do not be discouraged as this is normal.  Flare-ups happen during phase 2 because your body has not fully healed.

Phase 2 is different for everyone and is conditional to your health needs.  This phase can last from 6 months up to a couple of years.

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