Accidents and Personal Injury

Auto Accident & Personal Injury Office Policy

The following information pertains to auto accident and personal injury cases. It is very important to read and understood prior to any appointment with a chiropractor from Brower Chiropractic Center.

  • As a patient, you will be required to sign a copy for your file.

Based on a clinical examination from a chiropractor at our center, and our belief is that chiropractic care will be an effective treatment for your injuries, Brower Chiropractic will accept you as a personal injury patient.

Your responsibility is to follow the recommendations supplied by Dr. Brower or Dr. Rick and to provide this office with the appropriate financial information so payment for services rendered can be billed and received by Brower Chiropractic Center.

Brower Chiropractic Center will extend credit, during treatment, up to 90 days after being released from care and to pre accident status. After 90 days, the total amount due becomes the responsibility of the patient to pay in full. At the time of release from treatment you will be required to provide Brower Chiropractic Center with valid credit card information that will be charged the total amount due after the 90 day grace period has ended.

If you do not wish to provide this information you may opt to pay at the time of service for each visit. A receipt will be provided to you so that you may submit the bills to the auto insurance company yourself. Our office policy does not allow for us to bill the insurance company at any time.

Additionally, our policy prevents us from disclosing any financial information, written or verbal, with patients until claims are paid in full or paid at the time of service. This information will only be released to the liable insurance company(s) and/or attorney(s).

After 30 days from release, if your account is not paid in full it will be assessed a 1.5% monthly finance charge. Insurance typically does not pay the finance charge(s) as they regularly pay the claims before this time frame ends. If you have an attorney, the process is usually delayed for months or years; therefore finance charges accrue. If an insurance company does not pay for this charge, it is the patient's responsibility.

Occasionally we will have an auto insurance company or an attorney ask us to accept less than our billed amount for treatment received. We do not reduce our prices. We believe our prices are reasonable and customary and we offer wellness packages to fit any budget.

We appreciate the signing and acknowledgement of this policy and look forward to serving you not only as a patient, but as a friend for years to come.

Raleigh chiropractors, Dr. Brower and Dr. Rick, would like to invite you to schedule your next chiropractic visit with a staff focused on getting you better. Our wellness plans have been developed to reduce your joint, neck and back pains. We treat you like family. Why wait? Start today.

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