Relaxed Breathing!

 North Raleigh ChiropractorsHave you ever taken notice to how your breathing gets a little wonky when you're stressed? When you get stressed out, it can make your breathing become rapid and shallow. And when you start breathing like this when stressed out, it only makes the other symptoms worse. It's like a viscous cycle because you could start sweating heavily and your heart rate can also rise. Some might even think they are suffering from a heart attack.

However, if you are able to get your breathing under control, these symptoms of your acute stress will become less intense almost automatically.

That leads us to today's post about relaxed breathing. Relaxed breathing is also known as diaphragmatic breathing. It is one thing that you can do anytime to help relieve your immediate stress. Did you know that our North Raleigh chiropractors might be able to help you with your stress problems? Call Falls Chiropractic and Injury to learn more.

How To Control Your Breathing

Below we've listed a few of the most basic techniques for relaxed breathing. If you practice these techniques, at least twice a day, then you'll be ready anytime stress hits you. Please follow these steps listed below.

  • Inhaling - Start your breathing exercises with a closed mouth and relaxed shoulders. Next, you should inhale as slowly and deeply as you can, through your nose, and count to the number six. As you are breathing in, you should push your stomach out. This will allow your diaphragm to fill up with air.
  • Holding - Before you exhale, you need to keep all the air in your lungs and then slowly start counting to the number four.
  • Exhaling - After counting to four, breath out very slowly through your mouth and count to the number six.
  • Repeating - You should complete this cycle of inhaling, holding, and exhaling at least three to five times when feeling stressed out.

We hope these tips will help you out the next time you are feeling really stressed out. If you are looking for more of a holistic stress treatment, contact your local chiropractic office, or keep reading to see how Falls Chiropractic and Injury can help you.

Holistic North Raleigh Chiropractors For Stress Relief | Falls Chiropractic and Injury

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