More Pain Prevention Tips for Golfers

North Raleigh ChiropractorEvery golfer that enjoys hitting the greens always strives to have their best game. If pain gets in the way, not only will your score suffer, but so will your body.

This month, we've been focusing our attention on the types of back pain usually associated with playing golf. In our first two posts, we discussed where this back pain typically comes from. We found that it can originate from several serious issues. Click the links below to read more.

Our third post of the month was an introduction on the best ways to avoid a back injury from golfing. You can go back and read it by clicking here. Today we are going to discuss even more tips you can use to prevent these pain symptoms from flaring up. Did you know that a North Raleigh chiropractor, like Dr. Rick, can help you with your golfing game? We're the local experts for drug-free neck and back pain relief. Keep reading to see how we can help you move again.

How to Prevent Golfing Pains

Improve Your Golf Swing - In the last part, we talked about warming up and practice swings. Did you know that your golf swing could be making your back pain worse? If your back is still all twisted at the end of your swing, instead of being straight, it might be time to take a few lessons. Good golf swing form is crucial in avoiding injury and pain.

Pulling Your Clubs - Do not try to walk 18 or 36 holes while carrying your clubs around. This will shrink your spine and create an uneven load of weight on one side. Trying to tough it out will only wreck your back muscles. Get a cart caddy with wheels instead.

Stay Hydrated - And not with beer either. You want to be drinking water, not beer. Beer will dehydrate you which is a factor associated with back pain. Dehydration will make you fatigued which can also cause an injury because you're now over compensating.

Using the Right Equipment - We all know that golfing can be an expensive sport to play, and sometimes you have to use hand-me-downs. Not everyone can afford to go out and buy the latest and greatest clubs. However, playing with the wrong size equipment can lead to back pain. For instance, women using their husband's or boyfriend's old clubs that might be too long, heavy, and have the wrong types of grip. Adjusting your golf swing to compensate can possibly injure your back. If a 6'4 man is using clubs made for a person standing only 5'6", the constant bending and over-reaching can also cause an injury.

We hope our tips will help you stay in the game this spring and summer. Be sure to come back soon as we'll be focusing on treating these injuries and pains. If you find that you can still use treatment, and would rather not use addictive drug therapy, keep reading to see how our friends at Falls Chiropractic and Injury can help you.

Falls Chiropractic and Injury - Affordable North Raleigh Chiropractor for Golfers

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