Are Health Care Breakthroughs Hope or Hype?

chiropractor in raleighHealth care is big business. New breakthroughs in medicine, technology and treatments bring in lots of profits. The reason we know this is simple, it's reported online and you can find this information in your newspaper's business section as well.

The discussions typically relate to the impact of the company's bottom line and share prices, instead of the benefits to the patients. Unfortunately, it would appear that the patient's health needs are secondary when compared to the amount of money the treatments rake in. The way the media covers this type of news is just another reminder of how far health care has moved away from its primary focus of treating people in need.

Even though the dollars, profits, and bottom line have become driving factors in advancement, there still might be some breakthroughs on the horizon that really could provide massive benefits to patients and profits to companies. If you're in need of chiropractor in Raleigh NC, why not call Dr. Jeff or Dr. Rick at Falls Chiropractic and Injury? We've been treating Triangle families for decades, so call us today to schedule a visit.

Health Care Breakthroughs - Hope or Hype?

A few of the newer health care breakthroughs that have a chance of really becoming game changers with the way patients are treated use DNA analysis and nanotechnology. These new technologies will make it easier to personalize treatment based on the individual's needs. For instance, nanotechnology might be the future mode of transportation for delivering cancer fighting drugs directly to the tumor instead of using traditional chemotherapy. This means that millions of people worldwide would no longer have fight through taking the current highly toxic anti-cancer medications.

Thanks to breakthroughs in DNA and protein analysis, doctors are now closer than ever to providing real-time early detection methods to patients. When diseases like cancers, hormonal disorders, inflammatory diseases and others are detected in the early stages, recovery and survival rates dramatically increase. Within the next decade, early detection technology may be readily available and routine for patients.

Even though medical science fiction is becoming reality, people should not just put their health and well being off. These treatment options may or may not ever come to actual application. Therefore it makes much more sense to take care of your body now. There are several lifestyle choices that you can make at home to stay healthy. Lifestyle choices have been linked to many of the diseases that affect Americans, like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. By eating meals packed with good nutrition, getting regular exercise each week, and getting the right amounts of rest, your overall health and well being will flourish.

To also be healthy, your body needs to stay working in optimal conditions. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with regular checkups with your chiropractor. Keep reading to see how Falls Chiropractic and Injury can help you.

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