Golfer’s Guide to Treating Back Pain

back pain treatment in raleighGolf is a game that can be both fun and frustrating. It's even an activity that the whole family can take part in. It's a game that brings friends and family together for outside fun and an extra boost of vitamin D. Whether you are a professional, or play for recreation, you do not want back pain to slow you down.

If you've been following our blog, you know that this month we've been focusing on the aches and pains associated with golf. These posts included information about where the back pain comes from, the most common types of injury, and some prevention tips. At the end of the post we'll link these important articles so you can go back and read them.

We're now going to move in the direction of how to treat golfing backaches and pains. Did you know that Falls Chiropractic and Injury can help relieve your aches and pains with a customized plan for drug-free neck and back pain treatment in Raleigh NC? If you'd like to learn more, please continue reading to see how Dr. Rick can help.

Treating Back Pains from Golf

The Spiral Line Muscles

When talking about treating hip, shoulder, neck and back pain from golfing, we must talk about the muscles involved. One such group that gets little discussion is what's called the spiral line. This group of muscles is more of a ribbon-like band that wraps around your body and is connected by fascia. This muscle chain is important for golfers as they rapidly contract and stretch with movement, especially through a golf swing. If there is any dysfunction in the spiral lines then your golf game will suffer, and so will your body.

For information about spiral lines, we suggest reading Anatomy Trains, a book by author and massage therapist Tom Myers.

Another key golfing muscle group is your core. These would include your obliques, abdominal, upper and lower back muscles as well as the hip rotators. Other muscles include hamstrings and glutes.

Don't miss the other blogs in this series. We've laid out helpful information that all golfers should read, if they want to maintain a healthy spine and stay pain free.

For more information on how to treat golf pain, be sure to join us for the next part in this series. If you're tired of everyday aches and pains keeping you on the sidelines, keep reading to learn how a chiropractor in Raleigh can help you without the use of harmful drugs.

Drug-Free Neck and Back Pain Treatment in Raleigh NC |Falls Chiropractic and Injury

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