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chiropractors in raleigh ncWelcome back to our series on how to keep your back healthy while traveling this summer. Since we've already hit the warm weather months here in the Carolinas, we felt it was a great idea to give our readers tips on how to keep muscle and joint pain at minimal levels so you and your family can enjoy your beach vacations.

In our last post, linked at the bottom of the page, we talked all about things you should do while driving your vehicle to your favorite vacation destination spot. So if you're taking a road trip this summer, be sure to take a few minutes and go back and read it.

Today we're going to talk about things you should do if you're traveling by plane. Did you know that our chiropractors in Raleigh NC can help you stay pain free this summer? All you have to do is callFalls Chiropractic and Injury. We can help you with your aches and pains from traveling, accidents, and even sporting injuries. Keep reading to learn more.

More Ways to Prevent Summer Travel Pains

Traveling by Plane

If you're traveling by plane, especially if you have a bad back, then there are several things you should do to minimize your symptoms. It all starts with good planning, and the other tips we've outlined below:

Planning, Trip Scheduling, and Packing

To mitigate your back pain, you should first plan and schedule your trip wisely. This means minimizing connection flights, and finding the fastest and most direct routes. You should also plan your trip around holiday weekends that are heavily traveled. This will reduce your wait times and stress levels. Heavily traveled holidays, like July 4th, can really affect your travel schedule and planning around these will make you hurt less.

You need to also pack with reason and your back health in mind. If you're not checking luggage, and only carrying on, pack lightly. If you already have back problems, do not be afraid to ask for help from the flight attendants getting your luggage in and out of the overhead bins.

Dress comfortable as well. Do not wear restrictive clothes that will affect your ability to move around while in the air. Being comfortably dressed will also reduce your stress levels, which can trigger pain flare ups. If you're having lots of pain flare ups, be sure to visit the best chiropractors in Raleigh NC. Falls Chiropractic and Injury gets you moving again!

While on the Plane

There are also things you should do during the duration of your trip. The first tip is stay active and move around. Let the flight crew know you have back problems and you'll be getting up and moving around some. If you sit in one position for an extended period of time, the pressure buildup on your spine will make your back hurt.

Once the no seat-belt signal has been granted, walk to the back of the plane where there's a little more room and do some light stretching. You should also stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Air travel can sometimes dehydrate travelers because of low pressure and humidity.

We hope today's post will give you the information you need to avoid back aches if you're planning on flying somewhere for a vacation. Be sure not to miss the other posts in this series for more information on how to keep a healthy back this summer.

Affordable Chiropractors in Raleigh NC for Summer Neck and Back Pain

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