When Bad Things Happen to Good Exercisers

Chiropractor in RaleighI remember it just like it happened yesterday. I was helping a patient develop an at-home exercise program and she started explaining how the last time she was out on a 5 mile run, she started to feel sharp pains in her shins as she was climbing a hill.

"Oh, no ... not again," she said. She stated that she wasn't doing anything wrong and she was left wondering what she could do to ensure it wouldn't keep happening. Lucky for her, she recovered from her shin splints rather quickly. However, she knew she had just dodged a bullet and was lucky that she did not get seriously injured.

So why didn't she sustain a major sporting injury? We'll try to tackle that question in today's post. If you're searching for a trustworthy and affordable chiropractor in Raleigh NC, call Falls Chiropractic and Injury. We're the number one experts for mobility, and drug free pain management in the Triangle. Call today!

Training Smart and Training Safe

One basic answer we can give you to avoid sports injuries is by training smart. This means having a plan for your exercise. Having an exercise plan is a powerful strategy that will help you train in a smarter and safer way.

Part of your safe and smart training plan also means that you are constantly paying attention to not only your environment, but to what's going on inside of your body during your workout as well. This type of awareness is a learned skill that requires great focus and repetition to master.

Another aspect to training smart and safe is by positive visualization. Positive visualization actually helps you focus in more and pay attention to your body! If you're an avid runner, or just starting out, visualization can really help you.

In the next part of this series, we'll break down visualization running tips as well as give you more tips on how to train smarter. Check out part two here.

Holistic and Alternative Chiropractor in Raleigh | Falls Chiropractic and Injury

If you are ready to get your body in shape for spring, call Falls Chiropractic and Injury today. We can enhance your mobility and overall health and well-being. We can optimize an exercise program that ensures prime functioning of your spine and nervous system to keep your immune system working at high performance. As the top chiropractor in Raleigh, I will be happy to help you with your pain, and assist you with designing a custom plan to fit your needs. Our goals is to make your exercise easy and pain free. Please give me a call today so we can get your initial visit scheduled.

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